“Summer waves can be fun when you have the right board. For the summer I recommend these 3 models with SMARTech construction. The SMARTech was designed to get the best out of the Eps and epoxy resin. The board is lighter, more resistant and faster – the ideal combination. For us every detail counts and [...]
Compass Handplanes Compass Handplanes are UK based premium shapers of quality wooden handplanes for bodysurfing, dedicated to bringing handplaning to the masses. Born from a mistimed kickflip, Compass Handplanes began our journey with nothing more than half a broken skate deck. Having read about handplaning and watched a number of YouTube videos on the sport, [...]
X-Flex Formula 4.0 technology por Kailani Surfboards La conocida marca californiana de tablas Kailani Surfboards cumpliendo con uno de sus objetivos como es la innovación en la fabricación de tablas de surf marca pauta con su nuevo diseño “X-Flex Formula 4.0”. X-Flex Formula 4.0 es la tecnología más nueva en el diseño de tablas de [...]