OCTOBER 19TH 2017 A DREAM COME TRUE - Natxo Gonzalez   After four years searching the globe for untouched perfection, Natxo Gonzalez and Jon Aspuru found a crazy wave, "one of the heaviest waves I've ever seen.”   "It was a long time dream to find an epic wave, like my really close friend Kepa Acero," [...]
Video: Jon Aspuru @jonbakio | Surfer: Imanol Yeregi @imanolyeregi Imanol Yeregi is a Basque surfer from a little town called Zumaia. As the tradition of the town was to catch octopus he started learning it with his grandfather… at the same time he learned surfing with his father… Imanol Yeregi es un surfista vasco nacido [...]
MATEIA HIQUILY - HOME Take a deep breath because this new edit from Tahitian charger Mateia Hiquily won’t give you any time to relax: Massive barrels, frontside,  backside, switch foot and big airs; This clip has it all. Filmed and edited by Hugo Almeida Visuals (@hugoalmeida). Follow Mateia: @mateiahiquily
BENJAMIN SANCHIS: BURN IN BURN IN is a very personal insight into the mind of French big wave charger and barrel rider extraordinaire Benjamin Sanchis.    Note: The A-shots from this trip to Indo will make their way straight into Benjamin’s highly anticipated movie VAGUE A L’AME. Stay tuned!  Produced and directed by Vincent Kardasik / LKTEL. Follow [...]
Addiction es un proyecto de Foto y Vídeo sobre surf, un viaje en el Ártico en busca de Olas, aventura y increíbles paisajes en uno de los lugares más fríos de Europa. Seis amigos de diferentes lugares de España, diferentes edades y diferentes habilidades se juntaron para vivir una experiencia brutal y con este video [...]
"Alex Bauduin won the Pro´s final last year at the Cosmic Children Festival. The prize was a boat trip to Mentawai Island at the King Millenium (co-sponsor of the event). On that boat trip Alex shared some waves with Benjamin Sanchis. It looks like Alex is ready to rock for the XII COSMIC CHILDREN FESTIVAL. [...]
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